Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is the replacement of air in a pack with a single or a mixture of gases. MAP packaging is a technique to extend shelf life of products. Dairy products, bakery & confectionary, poultry, seafood, (processed) meat products, convenience food, fruits & vegetables  as we find in the supermarket are packed under modified atmosphere.


    In the long path from producer to consumer lots of things can go wrong with the MAP packaging and therefore also with the product itself: the package can be damaged during transportation, incorrect use in the supermarket, but also wrong tuning of the packaging process.



    It is estimated that 30 to 35% of MAP packages are not properly packed due to incorrect sealing and / or erroneous gas composition.



    The result is disposal of a large amount of food products at the packaging line, the supermarket or in the consumer's home.


    There are no good methods to detect faulty gas compositions non-invasively. Currently used invasive sampling methods often lead to unnecessary rejection and destruction of whole batches.


    SensorSpot has developed a smart foil with an integrated oxygen sensor that can determine whether the food product is properly packed.   


    Determining the oxygen concentration in MAP can take place during the packaging process, the distribution path and in the supermarket. The system consists of an oxygen sensor which is implemented in the foil of the package in combination with a readout device.

  • non-invasive measurements


    The technology to measure correct gas composition and micro-leakage is based on measurement of specific fluorescence levels at various oxygen concentrations.





    Our sensor consists of a luminescent spot integrated in a gas tight foil. Since the spot is integrated inside the foil the spot cannot come into direct contact with the food. Oxygen permeability of the inside layer permits oxygen molecules to pass this layer and reach the sensor spot.




    SensorSpot developed a measuring unit capable to measure the luminescence levels with high accuracy at a distance of 10 cm.  The package condition is determined by means of intelligent software and the device will indicate a right or faulty gas composition. Combining of sensor and measuring device makes it possible to check each package in a non - invasive manner!